Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Legend of Zelda - It's Dangerous to Go Alone! - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Link and Ganondorf are fighting, leaping towards each other with their swords at the ready and determination in their eyes.  From their cuts, bruises, and exhaustion, it's clear that this fight has been going on for a while and is nearing its end.

CAPTION (ZELDA): You have never shied away from danger.

2 - They cross swords, fighting with one another for the upper hand.

CAPTION (ZELDA): Always ready to answer Hyrule's calls for aid.

3 - Ganondorf takes a hand from his sword and sweeps it across Link's face in a vicious backhand that sends the hero flying backwards off of his feet.

CAPTION (ZELDA): And yet, it doesn't seem fair that the task should invariably fall to you.

4 - Link is still on the ground, trying to get his bearings.  Ganondorf stands tall, his sword raises to finish off Link.

CAPTION (ZELDA): It is a heavy burden for one person to bear alone.

5 - Inset panel of one of Link's eyes, open in fear / shock.  If it's not too much, maybe have a reflection of Ganondorf's sword coming down.


6 - Zelda is on the scene with her sword up to block Ganondorf's blow and save Link.  Link and Zelda share a knowing look as Link gets up to get back in the fight.  Zelda is wearing some adventuring attire that is maybe a combination of her regular dress and outfit when she's masquerading as Sheik.  She also bears cuts and wear that imply she's been part of the fight from the start.

CAPTION (ZELDA): So let us bear it together.

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  1. My knowledge of Zelda is weak (I do know that Link is NOT Zelda though, but this is a decent action page, and gets across the weight of the final panel.


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