Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thought Balloons Year 5 – Baker & Grodd’s Homagetastic Adventure! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Originally, I was planning on taking a page from Ben Rosenthal’s book and re-working a page I previously wrote but was unhappy with.

But then, when I thought about it, I realized the correct answer for this week would be to pay another visit to what I think has managed to become my signature duo here at Thought Balloons, the unlikely but always fun pairing of Animal Man and Gorilla Grodd.

Notably, this particular script is heavily based on a particular newspaper comic strip you may well recognize – bonus points to the first one to correctly guess which one!)

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: DARKSEID overlooks his minions as he prepares for war.

TITLE TEXT BOX: Baker & Grodd by Stangeland Jr.

ANIMAL MAN: (Text Box) We have a massive problem. Darkseid is getting ready to attack Earth. Again.

Panel 2: Human citizens as they go about their daily lives.

ANIMAL MAN: (Text Box) And we have no idea who to trust or how to stop him this time.

GRODD: (Text Box) BAH! Foolish weakling. I already have a solution!

Panel 3: Three gorillas fly through the air, SUPERMAN style, complete with capes. GRODD should be among them, and have a SUPERMAN style ‘G’ on his chest.


Panel 4: Inlaid within the corner of PANEL 3. GRODD and ANIMAL MAN are discussing the issue. ANIMAL MAN is wary of GRODD’s plan, GRODD isn’t keen on ANIMAL MAN not liking it.

ANIMAL MAN: I’m not sure you’re taking this seriously, Mr. Grodd.

GRODD: I’m taking it seriously like you would not believe!

(And as a bonus, have my attempt to draw my script for the week!)


  1. Always happy to see Buddy and Grodd return, although I'm sorry to say that I can't identify the comic strip of inspiration, but I can certainly appreciate the results. As always, I appreciate the combined whimsy of their interactions and the mutual frustration that it creates.

  2. Very pleased to see this duo return. This is just another example of the creative Thought Balloons has to offer - this team up is so much fun and you've build it up into up so it has its own mythos around here.

    This entry like the ones before is a hoot.

    Like Grant I am afraid I can't place where you pulled your inspiration from for this strip.

  3. Actually, I think this is the best outing for Baker and Grodd you've done yet. The dialogue is gold, and the 4th panel is over the top, off the wall fun with a capital FUN. Great piece, MK!


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