Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two-Face – Batman ’66: Improbable Odds – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

(Two-Face has captured BATMAN and ROBIN and put them in an elaborate deathtrap.)

Panel 1: TWO-FACE is flipping his coin to determine their fate.

TWO-FACE: Heads…

Panel 2: TWO-FACE flips the coin again.

TWO-FACE: Heads?

Panel 3: TWO-FACE continues to flip the coin.

TEXT BOX: And so it continues!

TWO-FACE (1): Heads? Heads? Heads? Heads? Heads?!

TWO-FACE (2) No one can possibly be that lucky!

Panel 4: BATMAN socks TWO-FACE across the jaw in classic form with a right hook.

BATMAN: Right you are!

SFX: whammo!

Panel 5: BATMAN and ROBIN stand over the knocked-silly TWO-FACE.

ROBIN (1): Holy Vegas, Batman!

ROBIN (2): What are the odds a coin comes up heads that many times?

BATMAN: Odds had nothing to do with it, Robin.

Panel 6: BATMAN holds up TWO-FACES’ coin for ROBIN to see.

BATMAN (1): For all his talk about random chance, I recognized that Two-Face is not above changing the parameters till he gets a desired outcome.

BATMAN (2): That’s why I switched his normal coin out with a special Bat-Weighted-Coin to turn chance in our favor!



  1. Really good use of the Batman 66 motif, MK! The weighted coin joke works well - particularly with Batman's wordy explanation. All very much in the spirit of the show for a script that's fun to read.

  2. The Batman 66 series is one of the best ideas in comics, and you've exemplified it here, and brilliantly captured what a 60s Two-Face story would be like.


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