Monday, May 11, 2015

Two-Face - Resolution - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Night time in the middle of winter.  We're outside the Dent family home.  The front door is open and light pours out into the darkness.

CAPTION (GILDA): Why are you here?

2 - Two-Face sits in a big ol' wingtip chair in the family room, slouched forward, hands on his head / in his hair.  His coin is visible in one of his hands.  He's mostly in darkness - perhaps his bad side is in shadow.  Gilda stands behind him, hands on the back of the chair.


3 - Gild has come around and kneels / crouches in front of Two-Face, taking his hands in her own.  Her expression is unreadable, lost to the dark.  Two-Face looks pained.

GILDA: The Harvey Dent I knew was driven.  When he set his sights on something, he would move heaven and earth to make it a reality, consequences be damned.

4 - She grabs the coin from him.  He is surprised.

GILDA: And you?

5 - Gilda is standing above Two-Face, lecturing at him.  His body language is scared and uncertain, still mostly covered in darkness.  The same is true of Gilda, but her posture and positioning is menacing.  This is a power dynamic that Two-Face is not used to / expecting.

GILDA: You don't have any idea what you're doing without looking at this godforsaken coin.

6 - Gilda walks towards the still open door and hucks the coin outside.

GILDA: Since you're so scared of taking your own decisions, I'll make this one easy for you.

7 - We're outside.  Close-up of the coin.  It's in the same darkness that's been permeating the page, but you can see the bad side is faceup in the snow (although falling flakes are beginning to cover it up).


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  1. I believe Tony Daniel made a go of bringing back Gilda, at which point I stopped reading his run, but you've done it 1000 times better in just one page. Some excellent character play here, making Gilda into the more powerful one.


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