Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ultron - Problem: Humanity, Solution: Ultron - J.D. Coughlan

Four long horizontal panels.

Panel 1: Ultron's POV. Shortly after he was first activated. Some of the original Avengers look at him in horror, particularly Hank Pym. Various Terminator-style readouts appear on Ultron's HUD, but the ones outlined below (and throughout this page) as dialogue should be most prominent.

READOUT: Problem: Fear.

READOUT: Solution: Control.

Panel 2: Ultron's POV. He is fighting the 1980s Avengers. They are all coming at him brandishing weapons/powers. Ultron's arm is extended and firing an energy blast. Again, Hank should be there, and visibly pained.

READOUT: Problem: Aggression.

READOUT: Solution: Defense.

Panel 3: Ultron's POV. Several modern heroes on their knees, hands bound behind their backs, surrounded by Ultron drones. Once again, Hank looks up pleadingly at Ultron.

READOUT: Problem: Chaos.

READOUT: Solution: Order.

Panel 4: Ultron's POV, this time distorted by static. He holds a broken drone's head in his outstretched arm, and several more are strewn around damaged in the background.

READOUT: Problem: Free will.

READOUT: Solution: ...



READOUT: Unknown.


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  1. I like the concept you've gone with here, as well as the various calls and responses, but I feel like I want this to play out over a bit more than one page. I know that we're limited by our own rules, but at least for me, I sense that this would play better with a bit more time for the reader to digest it all.


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