Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why Thought Balloons? - Arby Moay

I spent only a brief moment here on Thought Balloons, but, nevertheless, I had a wonderful time here. I was fresh out of college and searching for work when I came on board, and, honestly, as the weeks turned to months, I had been feeling purposeless and useless. That's what Thought Balloons gave me -- a sense of purpose. Sure, it wasn't actual work, but it had been a thing that I had to do. And there were people actually reading what I'm too, and criticizing me as well, so that was very exciting.

I'll keep this post brief as well, but let me just say that Thought Balloons definitely revitalized my desire to one day have a comic published. I'm still looking for money and artists, but with Oni Press' open submissions...

Anyways, congrats to the site for five years of history! Here's to hoping for five more! And may all of us here, not just the past and present tenures, but for those participating in the comment sections as well, may all of us be one day get a publication.


- Arby Moay

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