Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Thought Balloons? - Max Barnard

I was definitely an odd example of a Thought Balloons writer. Inconsistent, self­deprecating, and susceptible to over­stacking pages, I probably came off as the rough diamond of the opening crew of this establishment, all the way up to my death in December, 2011, when I myself dispatched the named Judge Dredd to execute me for my flaws.

Wait, I died? I... I feel cold. Something's wrong. Is... Is anyone there?


Anyway, I'm back for the 5th anniversary of this fine establishment, and what to say? It's amazing to me that TB has continued on this long, and more so that so many people have gotten involved over time. All have given their own little touch to the weekly challenge, and that in itself is a whole thing, for each to have their own voices and own growth in something that could easily be dismissed as fan­fiction for script­writers. But then, much like fan­fiction, it's all a means of growth as a writer through a familiar means, and we can see how that constantly here, especially with our more successful alumni.

I myself miss the discipline of the regular writing, and it's something I'm trying to capture to this day with various podcasting projects (the only place I've really maintained constant creativity over the last half­decade), but man, seeing those who remain doing this stuff endlessly, tirelessly... It's exhausting, isn't it!

So here's to Thought Balloons, to Ryan, Matt, Niel, MK, Grant, Ben, Brandon, Dan, Danial, J.D., Rol, Shaun, Si.... Holy crap, there's so many of ou that it's just impossible to name you all, isn't it. I  mean... It's still a boys club, but what a boys club it's become!

Because I couldn't end the post without the gentlest of jabs, could I?

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  1. Haha whole heartedly agreed - if it has to be a boys club, I'll be forever thankful it was THIS boys club.


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