Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why Thought Balloons? - Travis M. Holyfield

It feels somehow inappropriate for me to be the one closing off this week. I'm still  the new guy. Everybody else has already said it, and said it better, and said it with more heart. Asking me, "Why Thought Balloons?" is probably asking the wrong person. But I'll give it the goold old college try.

Why Thought Balloons? Because comics are fun.

That's how I approach them. When I read them. When I make them. When I talk about them (and I talk about them a LOT). Comics can make you feel happiness, and sadness and anger and joy and pain and fear and they can challenge you and they can lift your spirits and they can set your imagination right off. And they're fun.

I've had nothing but fun with Thought Balloons. It makes me write SOMETHING even when I don't feel like it. And it gives me a chance to play with Other People's Toys. I get to write a page with Ms.  Marvel without feeling like I'm writing fanfiction. (Not that there's anything wrong with fanfiction.) It lets me think about characters I normally don't think about because nobody's paying me to think about them, and it challenges me to do something with them the way I do things. (I wrote a page on Squirrel Girl, for crying out loud.) And I have fun.

I never rewrite for Thought Balloons (That probably shows). What you see from me is always first draft, right out of the barrel. I don't overthink it, and I just try to have fun. And so far, so good.

Comics are fun. Thought Balloons is fun. There you go.


P.S. If you enjoy comics, aqnd you enjoy fun, consider checking out my comic DOBER-MAN on Comixology. It's only 99 cents!


  1. An excellent job summarizing much of the appeal of Thought Balloons. You may be the most recent recruit, but you're a member as much as anyone else and you show as much here. A solid way to send off the week.

  2. We were all the new guy at one point or other. Even Grant and I were 'new guys' way back when, and now we're both long-standing veterans and Grant's the man in charge to boot.

    Stick with it, and who knows how far you might manage to go.


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