Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Thoughtballoons? - Niel Jacoby

When Grant asked me about participating in Thoughtballoons' fifth anniversary, the hardest part was this. Talking about what Thoughtballoons meant to me. It involves a whole lot of talking about myself, and I've never been good at that. But there is one thing Thoughtballoons taught me: just how desperate I can get when I'm getting near a deadline. I can't count the pages that I half assed by throwing together a half-baked crossover and calling it a night. And that's it, really. Thoughtballoons is something I did, that I'm glad I did, but that I don't do anymore.

Sorry if you expected more after a week of nostalgic retrospectives.

- Niel Jacoby


  1. I'm really glad that TB was something you were apart of. I really loved a whole bunch of your scripts sir.


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