Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Monster Magnet – Monster Mash – MK Stangeland Jr.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: A band which looks like MONSTER MAGNET is on stage, performing. In the audience is an array of monsters, rocking out and enjoying the music.

Panel 2: In-Between songs – the LEAD SINGER steps forwards to the mic.

LEAD SINGER: Glad you’re all here and settled in!

Panel 3: LEAD SINGER pulls off their mask and flips open the front of their guitar. This reveals that the performer is actually ELSA BLOODSTONE, and her guitar contains her monster-hunting weapons. The look on her face is of smug glee.

ELSA: It means our trap worked.

Panel 4: The monsters in the crowd begin running, screaming, and panicking as they try to run and flee from the stage. ELSA leaps out into the air over the former mosh pit, action scene pose style. Behind her, the other three performers shed their own costumes as they move into action, they are reveled to be BLADE, ADAM THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER, and SPITFIRE.



  1. Hey MK, love the page. The twist onto panel 4 is great, and I can really imagine it vibrantly on the page.

  2. Nice! All it was missing was a "HELLO TRANSYLVANIA!!!" shout-out! Way to work the rock-n-roll angle.

  3. Amazing mixture of comic and music. Fun, simple page that packs a lot of punch - would love to see that visual in panel 4!


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