Sunday, June 14, 2015

Monster Magnet - Power Trip - Derek Adnams

Lyrics by Dave Wyndorf and Monster Magnet, “Power Trip” from the album by the same name.

Page 1 - (6 Panels)

1.1:  Interior, a cubicle maze in an office setting, early evening in winter as the sun sets at a sharp angle through the windows.  Our Protagonist, an unnamed office drone in his late 30’s, thinning hair, clean shaven, wearing the tie he puts on in Panel 1.2, is staring at his computer monitor.  He has just sent his resignation to his boss via e-mail and is smiling broadly, proud of what he has accomplished.  He’s smiling here and will also smile in the last “Dream” panel.  Other than these two panels he looks dead.

Caption:  Who’s gonna teach you how to dance?

Caption:  Who’s gonna teach you how to fly?

1.2:  Interior, a brightly lit sterile corporate bathroom.  We’ve moved backwards through time, viewing Our Protagonist earlier in his workday.  He is putting on his tie, the one we saw him wearing in Panel 1.1.  There are round bright bulbs above the mirror, hot alien suns.  He can see his reflection, and is disgusted at what he’s doing.  If there’s enough room in the panel, have another guy either walking into a stall or exiting through a door.  No faces visible besides the Protagonist and his reflection.

Caption:  When you get tired of all the crap baby move over here and maybe buy some of mine.

1.3:  Exterior, morning earlier still, the front entrance into the suburban office building Our Protagonist calls his “work”.  He’s entering the building along with a host of other worker bees.  He is not wearing his tie, but otherwise has on a suit and is carrying a brief case.

Caption:  I’m never gonna work another day in my life.

1.4:  Interior, Our Protagonist’s bathroom, dawn.  He is standing before his sink, a paunchy guy in his late 30’s in his underwear, looking into a mirror, his stubble faced sad reflection looking back at him.  There is a razor sitting on the sink.

Caption:  The gods told me to relax.

Caption:  They said I’m gonna be fixed up right.

1.5:  Interior, the apartment bedroom of our Protagonist, morning but so early it’s still dark.  He is in bed, waking up.  The alarm clock is going off and he’s reaching out to hit it.  The time on the alarm clock is 5:06 AM.

Caption:  I’m never gonna work another day in my life.

Caption:  I’m way too busy powertripping.

1.6:  Dream – the dream he was having before the alarm clock awoke him from this brief slice of Nirvana.  Our Protagonist is flying, a 1960’s Marvel superhero traversing a universe of Kirby Crackle and gravity wells, twin Earth’s and Mars Gods, a temple of your dreams.  Our Protagonist is smiling – finally home before his day can even begin.

Caption:  But I’m gonna shed you some light.

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  1. I'm intrigued by your choice to roll this page backwards through time when I definitely would have rolled it the other way. I like how it enables you to open with the positive choice, show the negative life situation that has created it, and then end on the dream that spurs it all on. A nice melding of lyrics and imagery.


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