Monday, June 15, 2015

Monster Magnet - Self-Titled - Grant McLaughlin

A loose interpretation of the week's prompt, but I hope you'll forgive that.  Panel 4 should be the focus of the page.

1 - A big room that's a mixture between a scientist's lab and mission control at NASA.  Lots of beakers and blackboards, with plenty of consoles and control stations spread about as well.  A head scientist stands at a central console, calling out to their workers.  Many look up from their work in response, one speaks out to answer.

HEAD SCIENTIST (1): This thing is getting out of hand, people.

HEAD SCIENTIST (2): What do we have?

SCIENTIST 1: The calculations say it should work, but we need to run more tests to be sure.

2 - A group of scientists gathers around that central console to discuss their options.  The rest of the team has kind of stopped what they're doing to see what's going on.

HEAD SCIENTIST: No time.  This spreads too far, nothing will be able to stop it.  We have to act now.

SCIENTIST 2: With all due respect, if something goes wrong, we could all die.

3 - Cut to a close-up of the console the head scientist has been standing in front of.  A big ACTIVATION button sits on the panel, going green as the head scientist presses it.

HEAD SCIENTIST (off-panel): Considering what we've unleashed on the world...

4 - Cut to outside.  A big, concrete building stands in the midst of a partially destroyed city.  Monsters of various shapes and sizes roam about, knocking over things and stomping on others.  It's pretty chaotic and awful.  That said, on top of the concrete building is an enormous stereotypical horseshoe magnet crackling with energy and electricity as it powers up.  A monster in the foreground of the panel might be drawing its attention to this sudden change.

CAPTION (HEAD SCIENTIST): Maybe that's what we deserve.


  1. I liked how you used the name of the band as the controlling theme. Only thing I wish was that you described the monsters as how you saw them, but that's just the writer in me. A good artist would kill this page!

  2. Thanks! And your critique is entirely fair. I got so caught up with the image of a giant magnet on top of the building that I left the monster descriptions to the reader / artist's imagination.


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