Friday, June 26, 2015

Snake Plissken - Escape from Snake Plissken - Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (6 Panels)

1.1:  Exterior, sunset, Snake Plissken’s face illuminated by the sun’s rays.  He is high above the Earth, meditating on top of the World Trade Center.  His eye is closed.

Snake (caption):  What is the sound of one eye closing?

1.2:  Exterior, Snake standing inside the vaudeville theater from Escape from New York.  The stage is visible, the curtains drawn, some homeless prisoners acting out a pantomime onstage.

Snake (caption):  Is it the same as the air rushing past your face when the curtain’s pulled back to reveal the mask beneath the mask.

1.3:  Exterior, Snake walking up the steps of the NY Public library, on his way to meet Brain.

Snake (caption):  What is the sound of one eye closing, that inward search for meaning that is always just beyond the grasp of our rational minds?

1.4:  Snake walking through the main concourse of Grand Central Station, surrounded by the Duke’s men.

Snake (caption):  Is it the destination we arrive at easily, with no journey to build character and test our resolve?

1.5:  Snake fighting Slag, the tail-end of the fight when Snake gets the upper hand.

Snake (caption):  Every battle we wage is just an exterior reflection of an interior truth.

Snake (caption):  Never an opponent.

Snake (caption):  Always a teacher.

1.6:  Exterior, sunset, Snake, eye open, floating in lotus posture above the roof of the World Trade Center.  He has achieved Nirvana, bathed in a blue halo of enlightenment.

Snake (caption):  I am the sound of one eye closing.


  1. Cheese us rice. This is an amazingly insightful page. Adds another layer to the EFNY onion, when I researched it this week. Love the WTC bookends, but even more, I love the quiet unexplained last panel, something that I think Carpenter would appreciate. Cool page.


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