Monday, June 22, 2015

Snake Plissken - Maybe a Peninsula - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels.  First row is long and thin, made up of panel 1; second row is panels 2 through 4, all equal sized; and third row is the final two panels, with more focus on the last one.

1 - A plane flies through a dark night.  A single, silhouetted figure is visible jumping from its tail.

CAPTION (WATTERS): "From the beginning, I knew the mission was going to be different."

2 - Still night time.  A forest.  The figure (Captain Adam Watters) walks away from a tree where his parachute rig has caught.  He's spec ops, decked in out all manner of equipment and tech to get him through the wilderness.

CAPTION (WATTERS): "As if its very existence would change everything."

3 - Dawn is creeping over the horizon.  Captain Watters fords a river, his equipment over his head and the forest at his back.

CAPTION (WATTERS): "And it did."

4 - We're well into the afternoon, early evening.  Captain Watters is climbing a mountain.  It's not easy going, but mountain climbing so rarely is.

CAPTION (WATTERS) (1): "It was only a gut feeling back then.

CAPTION (WATTERS) (2): "But it was right."

5 - Getting towards night.  Long shot.  Captain Watters trudges through snow towards a lonely cabin in the distance.  Both the man and the building are small, isolated - the only things visible in the shot.

CAPTION (WATTERS): "Knowing what I know now, I still believe that no man is an island"

6 - Captain Watters has arrived at the cabin.  We're well into night at this juncture.  Snake Plissken sits on the porch, smoking and disinterested in this new arrival.

WATTERS: Mr. Plissken, the world needs--

PLISSKEN (interrupting): Not interested.

CAPTION (WATTERS): But Snake Plissken is as close as you're going to get.

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  1. HA! The style and humour are dead on target, Plissken's two words are perfect. I also love all the details of the trouble this specops grunt is going through, just to be turned down, makes the rejection all the funnier. Fun page, Grant!


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