Monday, June 1, 2015

Sound Effects - These Go to Eleven - Grant McLaughlin

Very loosely inspired by the last panel of this comic, which has stuck with me for years for whatever reason.

Every single sound effect save for the last one would be in that simple and small handwritten style - preferably black.  Would probably be best if panels 1 through 7 are spread among 3 more or less evenly sized rows of panels and panel 8 can be its own thing along the bottom of the page.

1 - A hip, rocker-esque dude stands in an empty panel.  He holds a badass electric guitar and strums a single note.

SFX: plink!

2 - An older man comes into the panel and grabs the young rocker by his shirt, shaking him desperately.  It looks like they're on some kind of stage.  The older man is dressed in classic 1950s Rock and Roll stylings.  Who knows, maybe he's even Elvis...

OLDER MAN: Acoustic?  Are you serious?!

3 - Switch to a view of the open space in front of the stage.  It is filled with zombies dressed in Disco-regalia.  They hobble (and dance) towards the stage in great, mindless numbers.

OLDER MAN (OP): That will never be enough to stop the Disco Fever!

4 - The older man plugs in the rocker's guitar.

OLDER MAN: We need pure Rock and Roll.

SFX: plug!

5 - The older man pulls a sheet, revealing a bazillion speakers ready and waiting.  The rocker looks somewhat incredulous / overwhelmed.

OLDER MAN: The louder the better.

SFX: pull!

ROCKER: (quietly): Are all those speakers really necessary?

6 - The older man is being dragged away by the Disco Horde, panic in his eyes.  He yells to the rocker to act.

OLDER MAN: There's no time to answer your question!  Play!  Play and save the world!

7 - Close-up of the guitar.  The pick is just barely touching / starting to strum one of the strings.

SFX: pl-

8 - An entire panel that says nothing but DOOM! (ala classic Walt Simonson).



  1. To those of you about to embrace to power of rock, WE SALUTE YOU!

  2. You can't see me, but I raise my lit Zippo to the sky at the sheer awesome. Sammy Hagar Thor approves.


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