Friday, June 5, 2015

Sound Effects - Whatever Happened To Onomatopoeia? - Ray Wonsowski

Panel 1- KEVIN SMITH is sitting in his comic shop, a Green Arrow poster and a Daredevil poster on the wall behind him, reading a trade paperback of Batman: The Widening Gyre, smiling as he turns the page.

WORD BALLOON (from behind Kevin's chair): Flip.

Panel 2- Same as Panel 1, but KEVIN looks straight at us, a confused look on his face. ONOMATOPOEIA has risen up behind him unseen.

KEVIN: "Flip"?
KEVIN: "Whud"?

Panel 3- ONOMATOPOEIA is pummeling the crap out of KEVIN, who is off panel on the floor.


Panel 4- Outside Jay and Bob's Secret Stash, ONOMATOPOEIA walks across the street, writing in a pocket notebook. An inset panel shows crossed off item 1 on his to-do list, "Smith, Batman Gyre".Item 2 reads "Liefeld, Nu52 Hawkman".



  1. Excellent use of Onomatopoeia / lambasting of Kevin Smith for the Widening Gyre. I've always enjoyed the character, with his pseudo-fourth wall breaking elements, and you make great use of him here, with some solid onomatopoetic choices for a couple of enjoyable laughs.

  2. As a primary teacher, I loved teaching the students the word onomatopoeia. Love the rising of the onomatopoeia!


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