Monday, June 8, 2015

Transitions - Long Live the King - Grant McLaughlin

1 - A balcony on a sumptuous, Middle Eastern-esque palace.  A king (or sultan, I suppose) and his son stand on the balcony, looking out over a beautiful, amazing city (think a richer Disney Alladin's Agrabah).  Both king and prince wear mourning black.  The King looks pensive, the son looks impatient / sour.  The pair would be on the left third or so of the panel, with the city they're looking over taking up the lion's share of the space (and the majority of the word balloons floating above them).

KING (1): I've ruled this kingdom a long time.

KING (2): With your brothers' recent passing, you are now next in line for the throne.

KING (3): One day soon, all this will be yours.


2 - Close-up on the prince's sword as he slides it out of his sheath.

PRINCE (off-panel): Perhaps even sooner than you think.

3 - The prince has his sword drawn, advancing; the king stands with his back to the balcony railing, a saddened look on his face.


4 - A far shot of the balcony.  The two figures are in silhouette.  One stands on the balcony, looking over the edge; the other has gone over the balcony's side and is falling to his death.

CAPTION: "You proud fool."

5 - The King sits in his throne room, doing some kingly business.  Perhaps he is listening to the supplicants of citizenry or speaking with foreign diplomats.  Perhaps he wears a new scar on his face.  Either way, the King wears an expression that is a mixture of tired and sad.

CAPTION: "Your brothers at least had the good sense to combine their efforts."

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