Sunday, June 7, 2015

Transitions - There It Is! - Hansel Moreno

One of my favorite Spider-Man villains is The Spot. His powers are ridiculous, his costume equally so. Below is a simple grid layout that I send to artist that reflects my script. This is always open to artists’ notes.

Panel One: The Spot, with a gloveless hand, paces in his current hideout. A shabby motel room with a rabbit eared tv, a dingy bed and a bathroom with a missing door
Panel Two: The Spot pauses his pacing and scratches his head.
Panel Three: The Spot turns his back to the readers and points his Portal Box/Gun to the nearest wall and projects a portal.
Panel Four: The next panel shows a Police station evidence locker enclosed by a large metal cage. The cage is filled with hand guns, knives, and several odds and ends from various crimes. The Spot pops his head in and with a quick swivel surveys the area.
Panel Five: The Spot and his portal disappear in the next panel as a cop walks by the cage.
Panel Six: The portal reopens and the hand swipes something quickly from an unorganized pile near the floor.
Panel Seven: The Spot is back in his run down hotel room holding his missing glove. He breathes a sigh of relief.

1 comment:

  1. A rather fun idea that uses Spot's powers to play with your pick for the week. I really like the simplicity of Spot's plight and how innocuous his ultimate theft ends up being.

    My main suggestion would be that you could probably drop a panel or two to tighten up the pacing slightly. As well, considering Spot's power, I'd love if he just reached into one of the portals on himself to get to the police station instead of setting one up on the wall, but I recognize that's a purely stylistic change.


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