Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why Monster Magnet? - Derek Adnams

...because it’s 10:42 PM and I’m listening to “Brainstorm” off of Superjudge and remembering being ten years old and going to Fantasy Zone in Red Bank, New Jersey, the first comic book shop I ever frequented.

It was managed by a long haired man who asked me what books I was into.  At the time I was a fan of John Byrne, especially his Fantastic Four run.

“Well – if you like ‘writer-artists’, you should check this out.”

And he led me to the long-box for a book called Daredevil by a man called Frank Miller.

Then I knew I wanted to make comics.

Years later, after I was already a fan of their music, I would discover that the man who worked at Fantasy Zone in Red Bank, New Jersey, was Dave Wyndorf, leader of the band Monster Magnet.

With lyrics such as “I was thinking how the world should have cried, on the day Jack Kirby died” (“Melt”, God Says No), and "So what would MODOK do, if his memory got too full?” (“Baby Götterdämerung”, Powertrip), the hours Dave spent absorbing the cosmic sagas of 1960’s and 1970’s Marvel “Pop-Art” space gods found a rebirth through ten albums of lo-fi acid fueled 70’s inspired metal.

Then there’s the art...

Displaying monstermagnetmilkingcd.jpg

A singularity of influence occurred when Grant Morrison gave “Special Thanks” to Dave Wyndorf and Monster Magnet in the final issue of Multiversity, titled “Superjudge”.

This is also Monster Magnet’s best album.

Listen to Monster Magnet and be the Bull God.


  1. Listen to Monster Magnet and write whatever inspires us? Or write about Monster Magnet? :)


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