Sunday, June 14, 2015

Writer-in-Residence - Derek Adnams

Today we say farewell to Hansel Moreno's stay with us and welcome with open arms Derek Adnams to take his place.

I first encountered Derek Adnams' writings through Nic Shaw's The Prompt and was intrigued by his work.  He threw interesting ideas and concepts down on his pages, which drew me in, and he was always on deadline, which kept me wanting more.

When I was looking for people to come join us here at Thought Balloons for our new residency stays, I knew that Derek was someone I wanted to have on board.  Thankfully, he was keen on the idea and took me up on it right away, even going so far as to play-at-home in the weeks leading up to his stay.

But who is Derek Adnams?  Why don't we let him tell us in his own words:

My name is Derek Adnams.  I write pictures.

The first thing I remember seeing is Aamazing Spider-Man number one hundred and eight-eight.  That was in nineteen seventy-nine.  Since then, I've kept stories locked inside my head for a long time.  They're escaping.

If you want to talk William Faulkner, lasagna recipes or collaborating on a project, I can be reached at or on Twitter.

Keep making art! 

Thanks, Derek.  We look forward to your stay.

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