Sunday, July 5, 2015

24:00:01 - I LOOK OUT AND WAIT - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Night time.  Two figures sit on a platform of some kind (perhaps a billboard or the standing area of a water tower), looking out over the lights of the city before them (although the city is unseen in this panel as the focus is on the two figures).  Let's say the two figures are in silhouette.

SPEAKER: I used to come out here all the time.

2 - Pull further back.  The two figures are still visible, but the focus is now the lights of the city before them (as mentioned last panel).

SPEAKER: I'd look out and wonder where my place was in the world.

3 - Pull even further back.  The area where the two figures are is much smaller, but still findable on the panel.  The lights of the city before (and perhaps around) them are taking up the panel, but it's not really possible to make out details - it's a sea of light.

SPEAKER: I stopped coming eventually.

4 - Further back once again.  Even the light of the city is fading a bit at this distance - perhaps an island or two of light from other urban areas can be seen in the dark.  Your call.

SPEAKER (tailless): But I never stopped wondering.

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  1. This has a very personal feel, like a secret shared. The controlled zoom out makes this feel, though, like the end of something, rather than the beginning. Interesting page to be sure...


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