Friday, July 3, 2015

B'wana Beast - Girls Just B'wana Have Fun - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1- Looking heroically out into the distance from a high cliff off Mount Kilimanjaro, arms akimbo, one foot forward and resting on a rock, stands B'WANA BEAST. The sun is setting, and a campfire burns at the mouth of a cave. VIXEN and POWER GIRL, dressed in tiny jungle pelt versions of their costumes kneel on the ground, holding tight to his powerful thighs. BATGIRL, costume torn, is behind him, draped about his broad, manly shoulders.

CAPTION: Having single-handedly saved the Just-us Ladies from certain doom, the Beast considers his next adventure...
B'WANA BEAST:  So, who wants to see what else we can merge...
LADIES: Oh, B'wana...!

Panel 2- same as panel 1, in mid-crumple.

Panel 3- B'WANA BEAST is staring ME down, pleading in growing frustration. We are in my kitchen, and DJUBA is at my table pounding away on an electric typewriter. I have tossed the crumpled above page over my shoulder, into a wastepaper basket overflowing with more crumpled balls.

B'WANA BEAST: ...but this is what DC editorial wants...
ME:, no, No, NO...

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  1. Full points for that amazing pun title, and fuller points for a script that manages to be fun, irreverent,metatextual, and critical of DC editorial practices. You've packed a lot into these silly few panels and I like all of it.

    Also, more points for the "Just-Us League" joke as well.


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