Friday, July 31, 2015

Beast – CRISIS on INFINITE HANKS – Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (5 Panels)

1.1:  Interior, a lab in Avengers Tower, day.  Hank McCoy, in his current incarnation of the Beast, whatever that may be, is crashing through a plate glass window, the kind that’s reinforced with steel wire to protect against breaking.

Hank (caption):  There are a minute number of ways with which one can break space-time.

1.2:  View through the broken window, an army of alternaBeasts, all from different realities, representing different stages in Hank’s mutation.  They are legion.

Hank (caption):  I’ve done them all.

Hank (caption):  This is my penance.

1.3:  The alternaBeasts swarming over Hank McCoy.  He fights valiantly, but is clearly outmatched.

Hank (caption):  Overwhelmed by circumstance, there was no choice but to find a way to make it all right.

Hank (caption):  Reed Richards had his Bridge.  Doom, the Time Platform.

1.4:   Interior, the enormous lab Hank was just thrown from.  The Garter, a large, wide, mechanical, Kirby-esque “donut” hovering above the ground.  This was meant to be an “I-Beam” of sorts, but instead has become a faucet of alternaBeasts that can’t be shut-off.  In this panel, the Garter is pouring alternaBeast after alternaBeast.

Hank (caption):  The Garter should have undone the damage of my meddling, but instead of a support structure for the timestream, I created a singularity.

Hank (caption):  When curiosity got the better of me – again - I crawled through

Hank (caption):  So did all the versions of “me” that still existed.

1.5:  Exterior, Avengers Tower, day.  Hank McCoy is in mid-air, broken and splintered glass cascading through the sky as Hank plummets to the ground.  A funnel of alternaBeasts follows him, the tip of the funnel closest to Hank while the funnel grows backwards, the wide end filling the window through which Hank was thrown.

Hank (caption):  It’s a small comfort to know that the multiverse is full of “me’s” that made the same mistakes and shattered reality.

Hank (caption):  I’m tired of being alone.


  1. Wow. Lovely little piece here, Derek, that sets up and concludes a detailed situation with a lot of heart - that final line is what makes the whole thing. Some great ideas on display supported with even better execution.


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