Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beast – From “Interview with a Beast” – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: KAT FARRELL is doing a longform interview with DR. HENRY McCOY. The two sit across from each other, and while the two are both dressed professionally, there is a measure of a casual atmosphere between the two.

FARRELL (1): Dr. McCoy, if you don’t mind me asking a more personal question?

BEAST: That would depend on the nature of the question, of course.

FARRELL (2): Your fur – Of all your traits, it’s the one that most obviously marks you as a mutant. Yet unlike some individuals that regret their physical appearances, you notably avoid much of the same attitude, especially in recent years.

FARRELL (3): To what do you credit this?

Panel 2: BEAST gives a small smile.

BEAST: Ah, yes. The fur. Of course.

Panel 3: BEAST answers as only BEAST can, with a touch of dignity and thoughtfulness.

BEAST (1): There is something to be said for providing a role model for others.

BEAST (2): While my fur may not be ‘normal’ in the typical sense of the word, it is a part of who I am as sure as any other part of my physical form.

BEAST (3): And by not letting my fur bother me, I hope I can set an example for others who might have unusual physical structures.

BEAST (4): It helps that I have learned, over the years, to find lemonade where I might otherwise be left with lemons.

Panel 4: Flash sideways – panel should be off kilter just a touch to show an example of what BEAST is talking about. Here, he’s standing out in the snow. He’s wearing his ‘pants’ X-MEN uniform, a scarf, and winter hat that had just a touch of goofiness to it, but otherwise his fur is exposed. He looks mostly unphased by the cold.

Panel 5: Similar in style to PANEL 4, we see a couple of Halloween pictures. One sees BEAST ‘dressed up’ as CHEWBACCA, his hair dyed brown. The other has BEAST dressed up as SULLY from MONSTERS, INC.

Panel 6: Similar in style to PANEL 4 and 5. BEAST and AGENT BRAND are sitting next to each other on a couch after a long, hard day of the usual difficulties at SWORD. BRAND is leaning on BEAST.

AGENT BRAND: (mumbled, just audible for the reader to see but clearly not being said very loud) Mmm…nice…soft…fluffy…



  1. Only you could write a page that makes me want to have blue fur too. Dignified and fun in the same beat. Well done.

  2. You really nail Beast's speech in panel 3. It does a great job of speaking to his fur but could also do the same to wider body issues. Nice touches here, MK.


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