Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beast - Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs - Ray Wonsowski

First off, let me say that I am a huge fan of Kelsey Grammer. I thought he was the perfect casting choice for Hank McCoy. With that in mind...


Setting: Frasier Crane's Seattle radio studio. 
See, Storm's been on the show...
Note: voice of the caller should be in those pointy electronic looking word balloons.

Panel 1- two-shot. On the left, Dr. HANK MCCOY, as he looked in X-Men Last Stand, all blue fur an tweed suit and tie. He's sitting at his mike, smiling gamedly. Right, ABIGAIL BRAND, who should be modeled after Roz Doyle (actress Peri Gilpin, see above), behind the glass, looking a little bored, talking into her mike. Both have studio headphones on.

HANK: ...alright, Abigail, who's our next caller?
ABIGAIL: We have "Alex" on line 2.
HANK: Go ahead, Alex. I'm listening.

Panel 2- Straight-on shot, HANK sitting at his mike.

CALLER: Hey, Doc. Long time listener, first time caller...
CALLER: I'm actually calling about my older brother...

Panel 3- same as last panel, HANK listening thoughtfully.

CALLER: We really didn't grow up well together. I don't think you could call us close...
CALLER: But, you know, at least you grow to respect each other. Now...

Panel 4- same as last, HANK cupping his chin.

CALLER: See, we didn't grow up knowing our dad. But we looked up to our professor like one. And since he...died...
CALLER: ...well, my brother hasn't been the same...

Panel 5- same as last, HANK gesturing as he engages the CALLER.

CALLER: The choices he makes...He's just so angry...
HANK: Actually, Alex, what you describe is not unusual...

Panel 6- same as last, HANK holding the base of his mike, elbows on the desk.

HANK: Older brothers tend to feel the weight of responsibility more acutely. A tendency to want to please the father figure.
HANK: This weight bears even more so after the father figure is gone.

Panel 7- same as last, as HANK continues confidently.

HANK: It's at this time when your relationship is at its most critical. No matter what choices he's making out of anger...
HANK: ...his journey is spiritual as well as psychological. He needs your mature compassion...

Panel 8- KURT WAGNER (Nightcrawler, as played by David Hyde Pierce -  -seen here) bamfs in from the left, dressed in a grey three-piece, all smiles and excitement. HANK, right,  growls angrily at him.

KURT: Hey, Henry, Mother and I...


  1. Oh this was great! And I agree, Kelsey Grammer as Beast was the best choice ever. Ties with Patrick Stewart as best superhero casting decision. This was absolutely great, and a fun exploration of the the character.

  2. This is completely out of left field, but I love what you've done with it.

  3. You have written the script I didn't even know I was dying to read and you killed it. I love the nod to Cyclops and Havok, but more than that I adore the transition of Marvel to the Frasier universe. It's like Kelsey Grammar and company on The Simpsons, and it is perfect.


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