Wednesday, July 1, 2015

B’wana Beast – The Brazen Adventures of B’wana Beast and Vixen! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

(Each panel should be framed as if to be an image on a TV Screen. The imagery should try to evoke the style and thematics of MYTHBUSTERS but tilted more towards animals and with children’s education in mind.)

Panel 1: Title panel – a plain-ish blue background, on top of which is the title as well as B’WANA BEAST and VIXEN. VIXEN wears her normal outfit, while B’WANA BEAST has a field-friendly lab coat on in addition to his normal outfit – it should look like B’WANA BEAST is making a poor attempt as looking scientific with an intentionally humorous slant in mind.

SFX: [Music Notes]

ANNOUNCER: Today, on The Brazen Adventures of B’wana Beast and Vixen!

Panel 2: B’WANA BEAST and VIXEN are by a mobile laboratory setup somewhere in Africa. B’WANA BEAST is in the foreground holding an insect container with one or more magnified fleas. He takes up most the panel, as if in the middle of a humerous antic.

VIXEN is in the background with a Kangaroo.

SFX: [Music Notes]

ANNOUNCER: The team ‘hops to it’ as they test the limits of the animal kingdom’s jumping strength!

Panel 3: The backdrop is in blueprint style. In front of it are paper-cutout style pictures of a FLEA and a KANGEROO, but each with a human head superimposed on it. The FLEA has the head of MICHAEL JORDAN in ‘AIR JORDAN’ tongue out style, while the KANGEROO has the head of LEBRON JAMES. Both are in the air and have dotted motion lines indicating jumping.

SFX: [Music Notes]

SFX: wwWHOOoop!

Panel 4: B’WANA BEAST is in a cross between a wrestling ring and a rodeo pen with an angry-looking bull. He looks ready to wrestle the bull with his bare hands. His costume has been replaced with a variant that looks mostly the same except for that it’s a solid red.

VIXEN is hovering overhead. A ‘ghost’ image of a Hummingbird is behind her to indicate she’s using the animals flight and hover ability. She has a lasso at her side ready to deploy in an emergency, though it’s currently not out. Her costume is mostly the same, but modified a touch to have a cowgirl feel to it.

SFX: [Music Notes]

ANNOUNCER: Then, B’wana Beast explores the age-old tale about the bull’s rage against red!

Panel 5: B’WANA BEAST is next to the same bull, but the bull is now safely contained. Nearby, VIXEN is with a dog.

SFX: [Music Notes]

ANNOUNCER: Then, the team finds out what happens when you make one color blind with the help of man’s best friend!



  1. Oh, man, so much to love here. I would watch the hell out of this kind of educational television. And the style here just sings with curiosity and fun. I'd love to see some art to this. Standing O, MK.

  2. I agree with most everything Ray's already mentioned. Love those little puns, but I'm even more into the tone and diction that you run with here. It all sounds pitch perfect and makes for a really fun opener for the "show".


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