Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Red Hood – Behind the Red Hoodlum! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(This is set within the AMALGAM universe, where DARK CLAW (LOGAN WAYNE) has finally caught up with the mysterious RED HOODLUM (RED HOOD/DAKEN), who has been terrorizing NEW GOTHAM.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: DARK CLAW pulls off RED HOODLUM’s mask to reveal his identity as TODD DAKEN, formerly the second SPARROW.

DARK CLAW: (Continued from previous page) …Todd Daken?!

Panel 2: DARK CLAW steps back in surprise and shock. RED HOODLUM reaches for his crowbar.

DARK CLAW: But you…

RED HOODLUM (1): Died?

RED HOODLUM (2): No, I didn’t die, you idiot!

Panel 3: RED HOODLUM swings at DARK CLAW with his crowbar. DARK CLAW steps back and dodges the swing.

RED HOODLUM: Healing factor, remember?

Panel 4: RED HOODLUM brings his crowbar up above his head and prepares to swing it down on DARK CLAW. DARK CLAW brings his claws out.

RED HOODLUM: But noooo, you didn’t even bother to remember!

SFX: sNikT!

Panel 5: RED HOODLUM swings down at DARK CLAW. DARK CLAW holds his claws up above him to block the crowbar and cut through it as it comes down.

RED HOODLUM: You’re so eager to angst and brood you ran off without trying to figure out if I was still alive!

Panel 6: RED HOODLUM throws what’s left of the crowbar away and pops his own claws.

RED HOODLUM: Well now I’m really going to give you something to angst and brood about.



  1. Nice action page! Even though the reader comes in at the tail end, it doesn't feel like it. I struggle with multiple actions in a panel and you paced this really well.

  2. I'll admit that I'm not overly familiar with the Amalgam universe, but I get the feeling that the Red Hoodlum is your own contribution to it. And if so, well played. Mixing Jason and Daken is a good call, and you write him with the just the right amount of rage / whine. I like how his indignation is slightly undercut but his seeming juvenile frustration.

    And as Derek rightly points out, well done for hanging it all on a solid little action sequence.


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