Monday, July 13, 2015

Red Hood - Call Me Maybe? - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Red Hood stands facing the reader, menacingly wielding a crowbar.  He's wearing his full costume, but it's clear he's furious.  A ball of rage.  He's the focus of the page and the background should either be artfully blurred or not drawn.

RED HOOD (1): You thought you could just forget about me.  Have your fun and then throw me away like so much trash.

RED HOOD (2): Maybe you figured I wouldn't remember.  Wouldn't discover your part in that sick drama.

RED HOOD (3): But I got the message.  And I've come a long distance to return it.

2 - Similar staging, but Red Hood has the crowbar raised above his head, ready to attack.  The background and foreground is now present, revealing that he is in a phone store, with a cornucopia of different types of phones all about him - cell, landline, rotary, novelty, and so forth.

LETTERING NOTE: Maybe have Red Hood's word balloon dripping black to show how mad he is.

RED HOOD: I hope you're ready to accept the charges.

3 - Outside.  Arsenal and Starfire stand a safe distance back from the building - a Phone Hut, as it were.  Evidence of the violence within is everywhere: broken windows, phones flung out of the building, maybe some smashing sfx, and so forth.  Arsenal asks a question to Starfire; she can do nothing in response but shrug.

ARSENAL: So is this why he never answers my calls?

If it's not too much (it obviously is), you could even have a final piece of dialogue in that third panel coming from Red Hood inside the building:



  1. Poor Jason. :( You plucked at my heart strings.

  2. It took me a moment to get the joke. But once I did I realized the hilarious bit of black humor you've got here.

  3. Perfect! I need see the final panel in art format.

  4. Humor's tough, and you did a nice job mixing a few different catch-phrases, including the title, for the over-all effect.

  5. Thanks, friends. I was a little nervous that this might not land, but I'm glad to see that it hit the mark.


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