Friday, July 17, 2015

Red Hood - Mission Statement - R.A. Wonsowski

Splash Page. From above, as if from a fire escape, a trash-strewn alley in Crime Alley. At one end, top of panel, BLACK MASK and his thugs; and at the other, bottom of panel, TWO-FACE and his goons. All have pistols drawn. Dead center between them all stands the RED HOOD, bleeding from a gunshot in the shoulder and weaponless, but uncowed.

CAPTION 1- I grew up not two blocks from here. Boosting tires for smokes. Mean streets.
CAPTION 2- Saved by the Bat. Trained by him. Was killed by his worst nightmare. I remember the crowbar.
CAPTION 3- Brought back by his lover, mother to his real son. Learned how to kill, and who needed killing.
CAPTION 4- I know eighteen different resolutions to my situation. All of them end up with blood on the ground.
CAPTION 5- Good.


  1. Love the lo-fi allusion to Dark Knight Returns!

  2. Very nice, Ray. I like the mexican standoff you have here and the build to the blood-thirsty nature that is the Red Hood.


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