Friday, July 17, 2015

Red Hood – “1-900-720-2666” – Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (6 Panels)

1.1:  Red Hood, fully masked, leaning in toward the reader, addressing them.  The background for all these panels is an old-school warehouse printing press, the kind comics were run through in the 1980’s.

Red Hood:  I want you to see my face.

1.2:  Red Hood pulling off his mask, revealing a slightly beaten-up Jason Todd.

Jason Todd:  Do you see it?  My face?  The face you wanted beaten and bruised? 

Jason Todd:  The face you wanted dead?

1.3:  Jason looking away, sad, head tilted down at the Bat-communicator / iPhone thing he’s using in Panel 1.4.

Jason Todd:  A face you never wanted to see again?

Jason Todd:  My face.

1.4:  Jason’s whole face reflected in Bat-communicator / iPhone screen as he dials 1-900-720-2666”.  The number being dialed must be clearly seen.

Jason Todd:  So I’ll disappear. 

1.5:  Jason, smiling smugly, pressing the send button on the Bat-communicator / iPhone thing.  The printing press background is visible in this panel, setting up the emptiness of Panel 1.6.

Jason Todd:  Done.

1.6:  Now just the printing press background, spools of uncut comic book pages in the foreground, revealed by Jason Todd’s disappearance. 

Silent Panel


  1. Another cracker. I foolishly didn't catch the reference initially, but it makes for a haunting bit of metatextual dancing - particularly with the setting you choose here. Moving piece of comicery you've set up here, Derek.

    My one suggestion would be to excise one or two of the "face" lines you have here. The repetition is relevant to your ultimate goal, but I think it's a smidge too much at times.

    1. Thanks Grant and I agree with the over-kill (pun intended).


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