Monday, July 20, 2015

Scott Lang - They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab... - Phillip Butehorn & Brian Harris

Panel 1: View is of a door. On the door is a sign: Kleptomaniacs Anonymous. 

Panel 2: View of Scott Lang from chest up. He looks tired. Eyes are baggy and he is one piece of bad news away from falling off the wagon.

Scott Lang: Hello. My name is Scott and I’m a kleptomaniac

Crowd: Hi Scott.

Scott Lang 1: I’ve been theft-free for five years now. But you know what? I still get those urges.

Scott Lang 2: Today, for example. Billionaire Justin Hammer arrived in town for Spy Con. Do you have any friggin’ idea what Spy Con’s net worth is? I’m sweating just thinking about it.

Panel 3: Scott is in the background, at the head of the circle sitting in a chair surrounded by other members of the anonymous group. One person is already up and walking away. Another kleptomaniac is listening closely but halfway out of her seat.

Scott Lang: It’s like the time last April, when I was casing the Worthington place (his place is in town too, on West 68th), just to see what was up. I was four years free, I wasn’t taking anything, just remembering the old thrill.

Panel 4: View of the group. One person is wiping sweat off his foreground, one is listening closely while taking notes, and another person is biting on her finger nails.

Scott Lang 1 (off panel): I don’t know, sometimes, I just- I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Sponsor (off panel): What’s that, Scott? What’s not worth it?

Scott Lang 2 (off panel): Giving up that life. I mean, I did pretty damn well for a while. Don’t you remember what that’s like?

Panel 5: The man next to Scott, the Sponsor, is sweating as he watches more of his recovering thieves make for the doors.

Sponsor: Well, let’s not forget- let’s not… Don’t you remember what this did to you?

Scott Lang 1: I guess so, yeah.

Scott Lang 2: But I also remember what this did for me.

Panel 6: Most of the remaining recovering thieves at the door, out the door or making for the door. The sponsor running his hand through his hair, looking utterly dismayed.

Panel 7: View of the three remaining members, Scott, the Sponsor and a handsome Southern gentleman with medium length hair held back by a headband, sporting a pink shirt and a brown trench coat. The gentleman is smirking at Scott, who seems the smallest bit ashamed of himself. The sponsor can’t even look at either of the men.

Remy LeBeau: Congrats, mon ami, you made 18 recovering thieves relapse.

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  1. On reading over this page, I still can't help feeling its maybe a tad overfull. There's two or three solid through lines (the Kleptomaniacs Anonymous meeting and the thieves' fear of relapse, Scott's lines about what thievery did for him, and Gambit's arrival as if he's there to propose some more thievery Ocean's Eleven style), but all three together on one page strikes me as too much in too little space. As I say, there's some good moments and good lines throughout, but I think if you cut one of the three aspects and focused on the other two, this page could be a lot tighter.


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