Friday, July 24, 2015

Scott Lang, Ant-Man – Entomology – Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (5 Panels)

1.1:  Exterior, day, a foot rising in mid-stride off of a stomped dragonfly, lying eviscerated on a St. Louis, Missouri sidewalk.

Scott Lang (caption):  There are cultures out there where dragonflies represent transformation. 

1.2:  Scott Lang in his Ant-Man gear climbing through the crushed carcass of the insect.  He is starting a journey from the tail in this panel to the head in Panel 1.5.

Scott Lang (caption):  I don’t put much faith in symbols, being more of a machine guy, but as a system they are nearly perfect. 

Scott Lang (caption):  It’s funny how a bug that hasn’t evolved in 325 million years could come to represent renewal.

1.3:   Now Scott is at the base of the thorax, where is connects to the tail.  It is shattered, all bug guts and goo and decimated exoskeleton.

Scott Lang (caption):  My kid made me listen to this song once.  The only line I remember goes something like -

1.4:  Scott Lang walking past the destroyed wings of the dragonfly.

Scott Lang (caption):  “Then I will remove your wings and you will learn to fly”.

1.5:  Scott Lang walking toward the reader, the dragonfly’s head and enormous compound eyes in the near background.  There is a clear substance coming out of one eye, creating the illusion of crying.

Scott Lang (caption):  Cassie always loved dragonflies.


  1. A beautiful page that subtly builds towards a poignant conclusion. Your imagery here is bang on (esp. panels 4 and 5) and your captions lull the reader towards that last line.

    My one suggestion would be to maybe cut some of the captions towards the start. Particularly in panel 2 it seems like you could excise some lines without taking away too much from the overall piece - make it as concise and lean as the rest of the page.

    That said, the last two panels are golden.

    1. Thanks! There's a tingle in the back of my brain when ever I feel I may be getting too wordy. Critique like yours reminds me to listen to it.


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