Sunday, July 12, 2015

Writers-in-Residence - Phillip Butehorn and Brian Harris

We're trying something a little different with our writer-in-residence this week.  Namely, that we're going for writers-in-residence this time around.  Indeed, we're happy to have Phillip Butehorn and Brian Harris join our band of merry men for a bit.  "But how can two people both be the latest writer-in-residence?" you ask.  Well, I'm glad you did, for you see, Phillip and Brian write together, so they will be collaborating on their scripts.  I think it will make for a nice change of pace, and while we're on that note, why don't I turn the microphone over to them: Phillip and Brian - The Illumi-Nerdi!

We are the Illumi-Nerdi. We are a coalition spanning decades, centuries, parallel universes and alternate timelines. Phil Butehorn is a time-traveling history junkie that spends his time in the late 1700s, signing Constitutions, joining slave revolts and rocking Midnight Rides before that son-of-a-bitch Paul Revere ever saddled up a horse. Brian Harris was born in the not-too-distant-future of 2146. He spends his time robot boxing, Venusian drag-racing and fighting for Nexus-6 rights. In our spare time, we also run a wonderful little blog in the “present” where we discuss comics, movies, television, nerd culture and the future of robot rights at The Illumi-Nerdi.
Happy to have you two aboard.  If your scripts are half as creative as that, we have lots to look forward to.

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