Friday, August 21, 2015

A Trio of Photos – THE LOOP WITH THREE SIDES – Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (6 Panels)

1.1:  Interior, the shattered brick ruins of a building, day.  There is a crumbling wall on one side of the open air second floor, a staircase going down cuts into the floor against the wall.  Sitting in a metal folding chair at the edge of the staircase, facing down, is Man 1.  He can look however you want him to.  He is you.  He’s all of us.  Standing behind him is Man 2.  Again, his appearance can be interpreted any way you want – he’s the tormentor.  Man 2 is holding an old 1970’s era snub-nosed revolver to Man 1’s head.

Man 1 (caption):  This is the way things are. 

Man 1 (caption):  A purgatory of karmic blood debts being fueled incessantly. 

1.2:  Man 2 shooting Man 1, propelling him forward, out of the chair and toward the down staircase.

Man 1 (caption):  For every action there is an instant and opposite reaction. 

1.3:  Man 1 falling down the staircase, now the center of three stairwells, like escalators at a shopping mall.  Man 1 is falling down the center one, the only person on that track, while the staircases to his right and left are thronged with people going up.

Man 1 (caption):  When one ascends, one descends. 

Man 1 (caption):  Heading to the same outcome, no matter how pure or filthy our souls.    

1.4:  Man 1 landing at the bottom of the staircase, which opens onto the interior of a gothic cathedral, light pouring in through broken stained glass windows, and an enormous, Colossus of Rhodes-scale statue of the Virgin Mark, weeping.

Man 1 (caption):  The beginning and the ending are the same.

Man 1 (caption):  Ashes to ashes, back to dust and back to the way things are.

1.5:  Interior, the shattered brick ruins of a building, day.  Man 1 walking into the exact set-up from Panel 1.1, except the staircase is going up.  In front of the staircase sits a metal folding chair.  Man 2 is standing there, looking through the trigger-guard of his 1970’s era snub-nosed revolver.  He is visibly upset, like he’s been crying and is attempting to “man-up” for what he is about to do again, and again, and again.

Man 2:  Why? 

Man 2:  Why do you keep doing this? 

1.6:  Man 1 sitting down in the chair, prepared for Panel 1.2 and resigned to his infinite fate.  Getting into position behind the chair is Man 2.

Man 1:  Doing what?


  1. Wow. This is a crazy, haunting, and surreal ouroboros of a story you have here. The captions ratchet the tension right up and then the final bits of dialogue as the pieces are re-assembled push things right over the edge. Well done.

  2. Reminds me of Groundhog Day, but seriously cool.


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