Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fantastic Four - Harbinger II - Ray Wonsowski

Going deep into my WABAC machine...for Part I, go here...

Panel 1- JOHNNY STORM, walking through the flaming antechamber in Atillan, emerges from the blaze. However, a Cosmic Control Rod is at his throat, and his jaw has been reshaped, giving him the appearance of Annihilus. In fact, Johnny is possessed by him, his head lolled over to the side, shambling like he is still learning how to work the body. He is dragging the unconscious body of GORGON of the Inhumans.

JOHN-NIHILUS: s-s-simple thisss waszz...we should have thought of thisss s-s-sooner...

Panel 2- from above. The THING, foreground, launches himself up and away in a bound before, background, SUSAN STORM can throw up her force field, which now encircles herself and REED RICHARDS, who is holding his wife in the stretch coils of his arms. The shield is keeping tongues of flame away.

THING: I've had enough of this crumbum...


REED: Ben, stop!!

Panel 3- BEN lands hard in front of JOHN-NIHILUS, raising his fists. JOHN-NIHILUS just stands absently before him, as if the Thing was a curiosity under a microscope.

THING: John. Buddy. This ain't you.

JOHN-NIHILUS: ...s-s-stupid creature...hideousss thing...

Panel 4- zoom in, one of BEN's hands around JOHN-NIHILUS's throat, the other tearing away the Cosmic Control Rod from it.

THING: Shut your cake hole, gimme that!

REED (off-panel): BEN! STOP!!

(In the space between panels, sound fx: FASH!

Panel 5- Foreground, the unconscious form of JOHNNY STORM, no longer the thrall of Annihilus. However, background, silhouetted in the flames, the giant rocky form of BEN GRIMM rages, Cosmic Control Rod glowing brightly in his hand, translucent leathery wings having sprouted violently from his back.

BEN-NIHILUS: ...RRRRRR.... be continued...

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  1. Wowzers! I'd forgotten about that original page (awesome, by the way), but you do a bang up job following it up. A grim, action-packed page with some seemingly insurmountable odds. Classic superhero work here, Ray.


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