Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fantastic Four – Remember that Vay-cay of DOOM? – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: The FANTASTICAR lands in CENTRAL PARK next to a flying machine owned by DR. DOOM. Nearby is DR. DOOM, seemingly doing nothing but observing his surroundings. Flanking him on either side are a pair of DOOMBOTS who are dressed up like secret-service type bodyguards with suits and sunglasses, though with green DR. DOOM-style capes added to the outfit.

REED: Stop right there, Victor!

DR. DOOM: Richards…

Panel 2: The FANTASTIC FOUR unload from the FANTASTICAR, looking ready to go to battle mode. DR. DOOM stays where he is, pretending as though the FANTASTIC FOUR are beneath him in true DR. DOOM fashion. The DOOMBOTS turn to look at the FANTASTIC FOUR, but only enough to qualify as acknowledging their existence.

REED: What are you up to?

DR. DOOM (1): Foolish Richards.

DR. DOOM (2): Can a foreign leader truly not simply enjoy a vacation without being assaulted by your baseless accusations?

Panel 3: DR. DOOM and the DOOMBOTS have turned to face the FANTASTIC FOUR. DR. DOOM stands with his arms crossed in front of him in his usual pompous fashion.

BEN: What now?

DR. DOOM (1): DOOM realized that he had never simply visited this city of New York.

DR. DOOM (2): For all it’s inferior qualities, there is a certain quaint charm to it.

Panel 4: DR. DOOM and the DOOMBOTS march off dismissively as the FANTASTIC FOUR watch.

DR. DOOM (1): If you primitive simpletons can find it in yourselves to excuse DOOM, DOOM shall try to enjoy what few pleasures this city might have to offer.

Panel 5: FANTASTIC FOUR watch as DR. DOOM walks off. BEN, SUE, and REED look confused, JOHNNY snaps his fingers as he comes to a realization.

BEN: Anyone know what just happened?

SFX: *snap*

JOHNNY (1): Trolling!

SUE: What?

JOHNNY (2): Dr. Doom is trying to troll us!



  1. Hahahaha. Very good. I like this one because it takes somewhat of an alternate route of where typical FF interactions with Doom end up.

  2. I always enjoy your Dr. Doom, and this iteration does not disappoint. Would be curious to see what else he has up his sleeve.


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