Saturday, August 8, 2015

Metamorpho - Fosis and The Outlanders - Shaun Richens

I may have gone mad with this one - This is my homage to Michel Fiffe’s comic Copra - Which itself is a homage to 80’s Suicide Squad. This is meta as hell and either really fun or terrible - you decide, but either way thanks for reading.

I’ve taken Batman and The Outsiders and given it a Copra style makeover. So let us begin.

Our players for this page -

Dr Fosis is our Metamorpho analogue - shape-shifting, adventurer with a broken heart since the disappearance of his one true love Miss Diamond Deer. Fosis is muscular and athletic, bald and handsome. He looks perfectly human except for the alien Orb embedded in his chest. The orb is slowly killing Fosis but it is also the source of all his power.

Knockout is our Looker - the youngest member of the Outlanders - Knockout is a powerful psychic but has recently developed a taste for blood having been turned into a Vampire by the Outlander villain Duke Icho. Knockout wears the look of a superhero goth. One side of her raven black hair shaved to the skull. Fosis has promised to find Knockout a cure for her vampiric disease.

Brontide is our Black Lightning - The quiet heart of the Outlanders - Brontide rarely speaks outside of missions after the tragic events of his past he only wants to focus on the job at hand. Brontide is capable of reacting at lightning speeds. His mind and eyes can process information at such speeds, that time appears to have slowed down. Brontide FYI he can fly and has the strength of a hundred men. He is the true powerhouse of the Outlanders. Brontide wears a superman like costume, but in black and yellow, instead of a cape he wears a leather jacket. His face is covered by a streak of white face paint over his eyes.

D.E is our Katana - D.E is a member of the Japanese hero team The Shining Suns - she is currently working with The Outlanders at the request of Watchdog (Our version of Batman) She is skilled with all bladed weapons and carries an array of swords, daggers and knifes with her. She is not authorized to use lethal force.

Lady Mindflayer - The leader of the Cult of Psychics. She was raised as an assassin in Japan but at the age of twelve her psychic powers started to develop - she killed her handlers and went on the run, only to return ten years later, the leader of one of Japan's most evil and feared gangs. She now runs the Japanese underworld through sheer force of will.


We open on FOSIS. Fosis had shape shifted his body into that of LADY MINDFLAYER the leader of the CULT OF PSYCHICS, to infiltrate the gang. His disguise has been discovered when KNOCKOUT’s psychic shield over Fosis failed when her vampiric blood lust took hold of her.

Fosis’s face slips half between his own and that of Lady Mindflayer as his mind is bombarded with psychic attacks from his captures. His face is scrunched up in pain.

Purple waves ripple out from around his head (A visual clue to the attack)

Fosis is locked to a chair - restraints around his arms, legs and neck. Lady Mindflayer and a squad of her psychic priests surround him.


I will unlock the secrets you hide in your brain Dr Fosis. It doesn’t matter how much I have to pull your mind apart.

Cut to KNOCKOUT, BRONTIDE and D.E. They are in their laboratory hide out. Go full Kirby in the design of this place.

Knockout clutches at her temples in pain.

I’m so sorry. She, she has Fosis.

I couldn’t hold on.

22.3, 22.4, 22.5 A row of three smallish panels.

Close up on Fosis - he is trying to shift his head into a protective helmet - something like Magneto’s maybe - but the attacks on his mind are still too strong - one side of the mask has turned to a liquid and runs down his body.

Fosis attempts to stretch his neck so he can slide free from the resistant holding his head in place. Instead half of his neck and face have started to bubble as if boiling.

Fosis has forced his powers to much. His head slumps forwards, he is unconscious.

Your mind is mine now fool.

Cut back to the Outlanders Lab - Knockout wipes blood from her lips as she has finished replenishing her strength. D.E wraps a bandage around her hand, blood stains into it. Brontide stands waiting. He needs Knockout back at her A game.

Thanks D.E. The blood lust was setting in, I could barely see straight.

We are a team now. We most looking out for one and other.

Speaking of. Can you get a link back to Fosis? What’s going on?

Close up on Knockout - her fingers to her temples as she focuses. Her eyes wide, pure white. - White lines ripple from her mind as she reaches out to Fosis.

Bronitde. It’s worse than I feared. We need to get to Fosis now.


He’s - he’s gone cold on me. Mindflayer must have broken him. 

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  1. A lot of setup here, and the page clearly benefits from all the thought that goes into it. This isn't a flashy done-in-one script, but it reads extremely well as a part of a larger narrative. My main quibble is that now I want to know what's going to happen to them all.


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