Monday, August 3, 2015

Metamorpho - If Memory Serves - Grant McLaughlin

1 - A big, seemingly abandoned, warehouse.  There appears to be only one light on, which leaves something of a spotlight on the floor / in the panel.  Metamorpho stands in the spotlight, his back to the reader and his hands on his head in frustration / pain.

METAMORPHO: My head is filled with things that I don't understand.

2 - Metamorpho turns to face the reader.  He's morphed to look like Geo-Force (but obviously with Metamorpho's usual strange colour scheme).  His hands are extended at his side, as if pleading.

METAMORPHO: People who don't exist.  Places you can't find on any map.  Pasts that have never happened.

3 - Metamorpho morphs to look like Owlman.  He has walked to the side of the spotlight, looking out into the darkness, a hand pointing to his head to emphasize his point.

METAMORPHO: I know this is right.  But it doesn't match up with anything else.

4 - Metamorpho morphs to look like Creeper.  He crouches down on the ground and wraps his arms around his legs (maybe a few times), a manic look on his face.

METAMORPHO: It's like everything changed and I was left behind.  My memories made fiction.

5 - Metamorpho morphs into Halo.  He dissipates some gases to create something of a light show in the spotlight.  He's lying on his side, looking pained.

METAMORPHO: Sometimes, when I squint, I can see some of the pieces.  But they're all in the wrong place.  If there at all.

6 - Metamorpho morphs to look like Black Lightning.  He sits up and points towards the reader.

METAMORPHO: Except for you.  You're all that's left.

VOICE (off-panel): I'm sorry...

7 - Switch angle / pull back to show that Katana is in the warehouse with Metamorpho.  She is tied to a chair and unable to move.  She looks frustrated.  Metamorpho has morphed to look like her and looks kind of crazed.

KATANA: But who the hell are you?

METAMORPHO: I feel like an Outsider, but I know that isn't the whole story.


  1. Wonderful meta textual page Grant. Makes me think of other Grant, Morrison on Animal Man. A lot of layers to this, and you end on a killer reveal/page turn. Would read this comic!

  2. Quite nice, as usual. Simple, elegant, and makes use of the psychological side of Metamorpho, because that's never been highlighted enough. I would totally read the rest of this comic!


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