Friday, August 7, 2015

Metamorpho – MEDICINAL METAMORPHO – Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (6 Panels)

1.1:  Interior, S.T.A.R. Labs.  Metamorpho sitting on an examination table, legs dangling over the edge.  Dr. Silas Stone, Cyborg’s lab-coat clad father, is standing in front of him, an iPad looking medical pad in his hands. 

Metamorpho:  Give it to me straight, Doc.

Dr. Stone:  We’ve done everything we could.  S.T.A.R. Labs has broken this down to the molecular level, and the prognosis is clear . . .

Dr. Stone:  Your DNA can be spliced into anyone using nano-genomics, recode the rogue cells, and eliminate all human disease.

1.2:  Metamorpho’s face, shocked in happy disbelief.

Dr. Stone (caption):  “Metamorpho - you’re going to save billions of lives.”

1.3:  Exterior, day, a beautiful park in Metropolis.  It’s the unveiling of a statue of Metamorpho, arms akimbo, feet spread, the classic super-hero pose.  Below, on a podium, the real Metamorpho is shaking hands with a Mayoral figure; Superman and Wonder Woman are standing off to the side, smiling and clapping.  Dr. Stone and his team from STAR Labs are also on the podium, clapping along with everyone else.  The crowd has their backs to the reader, also cheering.

Metamorpho (caption):  And just like that, the Earth was done getting sick.  Sure, people still died. 

1.4:  Metamorpho shaking hands with Wonder Woman while Superman looks on.

Metamorpho (caption):  Not all of us can be immortal.

1.5:  Metamorpho walking away from the reader, the crowd parting in his wake, some folks patting him on the back as he leaves his own party.

Metamorpho (caption):  Everyone was calling me a “savior”, but they had no idea how many times I’d earned that title before . . .

1.6:  Flashback, exterior, day.  Metamorpho leading the team of old school 1980’s Outsiders, rushing headlong into battle, surrounded by laser beams and explosions.

Metamorpho (caption):  As an outsider.


  1. Oh, man. I want to see that other shoe drop so hard. The idea that Rex's cells could be used to cure disease is a great setup for an extreme, character-defining body horror story.

    If I remember right, something similar was done with Beast Boy in the... late 90's, maybe? A bunch of kids got some of his blood and became a herd of uncontrollable green animals the Titans had to put a stop to.

  2. Solid gold pacing. Those opening few panels and the reveal of Metamorpho's cells is a truly great hook. Then the fact you swing it back around to him reflecting on his time as an Outsider I did see coming but it only goes onto add an extra layer to the already wonderful narrative you are building.

  3. Friiiig. You've got a million dollar idea with Metamorpho's blood cures all diseases, hit that out of the park, and then add a completely different layer by alluding to all the work he'd done beforehand that no one will ever know about (while also alluding to his ongoing position as a literal outsider). Amazing work, Derek.


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