Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sonic the Hedgehog - The Doctor is Dead - Liam Lachance

1: Big The Cat, wearing glasses, holding a pen and pad

BIG THE CAT: What were you just thinking about?

2: Sleep-deprived Sonic lying on a couch.  Thought bubble shows a dozen golden rings.

3: Sonic and Big The Cat in frame.

SONIC: About Miles.

BTC: We’re wasting our time if you spend it lying.

4: Close up of Big The Cat’s squinting eyes.

BTC: The Doctor is dead, Sonic.

SONIC: I’m aware.

BTC: Do you have a theory why you can’t accept his passing?

5: Close-up on Sonic, looking tiredly at ceiling.

BTC: Hello?

6: Sonic sits up.

SONIC: I’m fine with it.

BTC: So you still think the obsession with rings is unrelated to lack of purpose –

SONIC: I don’t care about rings.

7: Thought bubble above tired Sonic shows: Sonic’s father being tied to train tracks by Doctor Robotnik. Dialogue bubble beneath thought, from BTC: “I can tell you’ve been running. We’re wasting our time here.”

8: Close-up of Sonic’s heels shows them burned, black.

BTC: You’re missing the moment with this reliance on rings - on what’s next. You’re valuable to us without them.

SONIC: I know.

BTC: Being present is more important than gold.


  1. Huh, fascinating. It took me a bit to figure out exactly what was being said and through through, but I like the angle--the psychology angle for Sonic's motivations. It was a little jarring with the shift to Sonic's father.

  2. I'm once again at the knowledge of Sonic on display - who expected to see Big the Cat this week? I like the back and forth you have here, and I'm interested by the use of thought balloons. I think the full eight panels might be a little much for a single comic book page, but I really like the idea and your execution of it here.

  3. I had completely forgotten about Big. Gotta say, for a kid's comic, we are waxing philosophical this week. Well written all about.


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