Monday, August 24, 2015

Sonic the Hedgehog - Ring of Truth - Grant McLaughlin

Panel 1 and panel 8 are thin and stretch the width of the page, bookending the scene.

1 - A close-up of bottles of beer, regular glasses, and shot glasses.  The actual mix isn't that important.  What matter is that they're all empty.


2 - Sonic and Metal Sonic are standing at a bar talking, the crowd of empty drinks behind them on the bar top.  If it's not inappropriate for characters of this variety, they should both be kind of in the bag.  Metal Sonic is emoting with some force - he's really into what he's saying.

METAL SONIC: I was made to be like you, not better.  It took me a long time to see it, but I am but a pale reflection that cannot live up to your example.

3 - Focus in on Metal Sonic as he builds and concludes his case.

METAL SONIC: I mean, it feels like I'm in a race that I started late.  No matter what I do, no matter how fast I run, I will never catch up.

4 - Focus on Sonic.  He's drunk, but he's looking mad serious.

SONIC (1): Then don't run.

SONIC (2): Find your own path.  Make your own choices.  Because no matter your history, no one controls you but you.

5 - Back to seeing them both.  They're standing at the bar.  Sonic finishes dropping some wisdom.  Metal Sonic is stunned.

SONIC: The scary part is accepting that.


6 - Metal Sonic goes in for a big hug, really feeling what Sonic has said.  Sonic is a little put off, but he's dealing with it.

METAL SONIC: Thank you.

SONIC: Well...

7 - Pull out.  Metal Sonic and Sonic (still hugging) are in the background.  In the foreground, Mario is ripping up the dancefloor, maybe with Peach and Daisy (or perhaps Pauline) in tow.

CAPTION (SONIC): I may be speaking from an experience or two.

8 - Repeat the close-up shot of empty drinks from panel 1.



  1. This is exactly the message that I try to teach my kids, to find your own thing and be great at it. And it's definitely a running philosophy throughout Sonic's adventures. Well done, sir, and wholeheartedly agreed with.

  2. This was great! And something tells me, Grant, you're really into bar scenes. I mean that's where truths come out and inhibitions are let go. I try to brainstorm my stories in a bar with a drink, I unclench in those kinds of settings.


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