Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sonic the Hedgehog – SonicVerse: Sonic LIVE! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: ARCHIE!SONIC (ARCHIE COMICS version of SONIC), X!SONIC (SONIC X version of SONIC), X!TAILS, BOOM!SONIC (SONIC BOOM version of SONIC), and BOOM!KNUCKLES are standing on a rocky plateau located out in an area that’s similar to the AMERICAN SOUTHWEST. They’ve just arrived on the world, and are looking about.

X!TAILS is using a pair of high-tech binoculars.

ARCHIE!SONIC: Did we land in the right place?

X!SONIC: Tails said it might not be precise.

X!TAILS: Uh, guys?

Panel 2: View of a toy airplane flying through the sky, painted to look like a ‘real life’ version of the TORNADO. The view of the panel is designed to give X!TAILS’ POV through his binoculars.

X!TAILS: (Off-Panel) I think we found him.

Panel 3: Shift to focus on the airplane – we see that this version of the TORNADO is piloted by a version of TAILS with a version of SONIC riding on the wing. Both of them, however, look very much like ‘real life’ versions of the animals they’re based on, rather than their normal anthropomorphized versions.

LIVE!TAILS looks like a juvenile Fox from Earth, but in TAILS-style orange, with his usual twin tails and wearing a pair of flight goggles.

LIVE!SONIC looks like a regular hedgehog except for his blue coloration, a SONIC-style shoe on each of his four feet, and a pair of cool-looking shades designed to help give him a measure of ‘attitude’.

BOOM!SONIC: (Off-Panel) You have got to be kidding me.

Panel 4: LIVE!SONIC hops off the TORNADO in a SONIC-style spin jump, as stylized to be appropriate for how an actual hedgehog might perform such a move.

SFX: Boing!

SFX: whirrrrrr!

Panel 5: We see what LIVE!SONIC is leaping at – it’s an evil robot built around one of DR. IVO EGGMAN ROBOTNIK’s classic-style flying machines. Piloting the machine is, of course, LIVE!EGGMAN – he is, in fact, a largely unassuming looking egg with an EGGMAN-style mustache and goggles inside a smaller protective robot suit through the miracle of mad robotics. His ‘voice’ – speech bubbles – should give the impression of a mechanical speech tone.

LIVE!EGGMAN (1): SONIC, you infernal nuisance!

LIVE!EGGMAN (2): Scratch! Grounder! STOP HIM!


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  1. There's a heck of a lot going on here, MK. You're throwing out some deep Sonic knowledge and adorable real-life versions of the characters (and hilarious in the case of Doc Eggman), all wrapped up in a multiverse jumping romp ala Spider Verse. I'd be interested to see the wider story, but am also pretty pleased with this small piece you offer to whet the appetite.


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