Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trio of Photos - ...coming soon... - Ray Wonsowski

Working on a future multi-chapter story slash proposal that's been rummaging about in my head...

Have you or your neighbors experienced back door sacrificial body part transplants?
Has your food been possessed by the restless spirits of ancient Mayan priests?

Does your armoire lead to otherworlds and Dark Dimensions?
Does your class or study group use the Darkhold as a textbook?
You need Doctor Strange.

Are your business packages being couriered by a Voodoo delivery service?
Does your husband's severed head keep you awake at night with dreamspeak?
...a NEW Doctor is in...more on this coming soon!


  1. This was a lot of fun and super-clever with an unexpected twist. It'd make a good trailer for Dr. Strange 3.

  2. Super interesting take on the why this week. Unexpected and brilliant use of the photos. It's a credit to you that even with just a few sentences you lay in snippets and hints towards the greater overall story. Hat off to ya pal.

  3. Brilliant. I really dig what you've done here. A fun use of the photos while also building up an interesting story idea.

  4. Weird, but I dig the Dr. Strangeness to this. Good use of the photos with some nice advertorial copy, like the sort of thing you would see progressing along on as a subway train leaves the station.


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