Sunday, August 16, 2015

Why A Trio of Photos? - Shaun Richens

The old adage says that a picture's worth a thousand words, well this week I want to see what three pictures can do for our words and what our words can do with them.

Comics is truly unique medium in the way pictures and words are used in combination. We can tell layered narratives interweaving both the visuals and the written word in ways that novels and movies just can’t.

We will be taking inspiration from the three black and white photos gathered here.

We can use them directly as panels for the script, maybe even trying to link all three into one story. Or maybe you’ll decide to focus just on one photo, perhaps as a location for a confrontation? Or the meeting point for a love affair. Maybe your character is on the run from one of these places.

One of the images might inspire a character for you to toy around with. A fully fleshed out person for you to push and pull to get to the heart of what makes them tick.

Your page could be about the person who took the photos, are they for a school project? Maybe they are the only photos on a roll of film found on a murder victim? Do the photos have sentimental value? Do they put someone in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Or maybe you hate the photos? That’s ok too. Go and find a photo that brings a story to life for you. All I ask is that you share it along with your story, so we can see where it takes us.

I want us to explore the hidden stories that live in these still moments in time. I want us to collect all the tales that are conjured up for each and everyone of us.

As always, myself and all the writers at Thoughtballoons would love to have people at home come and share stories with us too.


  1. I love this choice and I adore these pictures. I'm super jazzed to see what everyone comes up with this week. Great choice, Shaun!

  2. Thanks Grant, I really wanted to try something new this time out. Really loving what everyone has come up with so far!

  3. This was cool! I tried doing a silent we'll see if this worked:

    “The Church of the Hanged Man” by David Press.

    1.1: BROWN EYES open wide with shock. Streams of bloodshot run through them.


    1.2: Pan out to a Bird’s Eye view of the man lying on a concrete floor of an abandoned church. Next to him is a SHROUD with a noose that stretches upward out of the panel.


    1.3: Guy pulls down the sheet to see a Hanged Woman with a note dangling off the handle of the REVOLVER in her limp left hand.


    1.4: The Unconscious Man’s hand holds the small note in his palm.

    DISPLAY: Take the gun and purge.

    1.5: The Unconscious Man holds the gun up to his eye and looks through the trigger.

    1.6: The Unconscious Man descends the stairs towards a subway platform. He’s now wearing a black slicker, droplets of rain water fall off it, and now his mullet is tied back behind his head. Advertisement displays:



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