Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ashkan Honarvar’s Heroes - The Artist - Charlotte Joyce Kidd

1 – Faceless, roughly drawn man lies naked at the bottom of some kind of pit, surrounded by dark foliage.

MAN: Oh God, what am I doing here?

2 – Sits up, looks around.

MAN: I’m in some kind of undergrowth. A jungle, maybe? Why am I all messed up?

3 – Close up of man in the dark.

MAN: Where’s the light? How did I get here? Was I drunk last night?

4 – Man looks up.

MAN: Or was it you? Yeah, you! What, you didn’t think I knew you were up there?

5 – A giant pencil appears above the man’s head.

MAN: Get your shit together, buddy.

As an added bonus, Charlotte graced us with her personal rendition of the script:


  1. This is that kind of Grant Morrison metafictional trippy weirdness I used to love back in the Vertigo salad days. Heady and cool like a minty limeade. Neat page, Charlotte...

  2. Agreed with Ray's feelings on the meta-textual elements. A very interesting take on your prompt. I like how it very much takes that as a springboard, going way further to comment on the artist-actor relationship.

    I also think it's really interesting to see how you changed the script from conception through realization on the page. I think the pacing works better in the drawn version - I dig the pause you have in panel 4. Would be interested to see where the conversation leads.


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