Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Concert Posters - Atomic Robo and the Mirrors of the Impossible: Broken Mirror Match Up – MK Stangeland Jr.

Things have, of course, escalated from there.)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: A smaller panel, designed to match the design of the prompt CONCERT POSTER, focusing on the shipping containers.

Panel 2: A large robot is thrown through the wall of shipping containers – it’s DR. ROBO, wearing an exo-suit. It’s not an oversized, giant mecha-type machine, but more along the lines of if ATOMIC ROBO decided to build a WAR MACHINE-type suit to wear designed to enhance his power. It shows signs of battle damage, its main cannon already having taken significant damage.

The SHIPPING CONTAINERS are thrown about from the impact, though the actual effect should be significantly subdued – these are still immensely heavy shipping containers, they don’t fly about easily.

SFX: ThUmmn!


SFX: klumn!

Panel 3: DR. ROBO picks himself up as he throws a shipping container aside.

DR. ROBO: I must admit, Doctor. I admire the ease with which you seem to break every law of science known to man.

Panel 4: DR. DINOSAUR from the other side of the now fallen wall of containers. He rides atop his ROBOSAURUS REX, a cybernetically enhanced and heavily armored T-REX. The easiest way to think of it would probably be as an ‘upgraded’, ‘refined’, more ‘controlled’ version of the FUTURSAURUS REX from the 2012 Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day issue.

DR. DINOSAUR himself is riding upon the ROBOSAURUS REX like a knight riding upon his loyal steed, complete with a protective suit that’s reminiscent of a ye old fashion knight.

DR. DINOSAUR (1): BAH! I have broken no laws of science!

DR. DINOSAUR (2): Your feeble inferior mind is merely incapable of comprehending the incomprehendible!

Panel 5: DR. ROBO grabs a shipping container and prepares to use it as an improvised weapon.

DR. ROBO: But then you keep opening your stupid mouth and the admiration ends.


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  1. Love your Atomic Robo pages and glad my prompt could fuel another addition to them. You have a real knack for writing Dr. Dinosaur dialogue and you demonstrate that once again here.


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