Monday, September 7, 2015

Concert Posters - “Lord, it done rose everywhere”* - Colin Cheney

Panel 1 – A collection of shipping containers are stacked, three-high, by the side of a rural train track. It’s getting on toward dusk.

Panel 2—A massive flash flood of sand-colored water (as high as second stack of containers) hits the containers, setting them free in the fast moving, roiling water. Other debris is visible in the water: tree branches, deck chairs, etc.


Panel 3—The containers (some pitched at an angle, others more-or-less righted) float through a flooded town on the fast-moving, white-brown water.


Panel 4—Medium shot of a teenage boy clinging, precariously, to a high branch of a tree above the floodwaters. He is watching the containers coming toward his tenuous refuge.

Panel 5—Boy jumps onto the container as it passes on the floodwaters beneath his tree.

Panel 6—Night has fallen. Boy rides container—now separated from the others—through a flooded landscape of rooftops and treetops. Upended cars, a dog on a rooftop, mailboxes, etc can be seen in the dark waters.

Panel 7—Boy sees glaring halogen lights of rescue boats surrounding a levee off in the distance.

Panel 8—Boy yells toward the too-distant-to-hear rescue boats—his shipping container is moving by too fast, carrying him away from safety.

BOY: Hey! Over here! Help!
BOY: No, no! Wait, I’m here!

Panel 9—Medium-to-long shot of boy on shipping container as it is carried out into a flat, endless sea of water. Stars shining above.

* Lyric from Charlie Patton, “High Water Everywhere, Part 1”  

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  1. There's a haunting, dreamlike quality to this page that gets me every time I read it. Everything that happens makes sense within the context of reading the page, but when you step back and consider the whole, it feels surreal - in a good way. Love the page, Colin.

    My one concern is that it might be hard to depict all the action you've got in panel 2 in a single panel, but I think the right artist (and perhaps some hinting in panel 1) could get that done up right.


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