Saturday, September 5, 2015

Grendel - Lineup - P. A. Nolte

1/ A handful of officers and a young woman view a police lineup through a one-way mirror.  The men in the lineup are dressed in various styles of suits and tuxedos.

Caption: I read a case study once.

2/ The lineup in near profile.  One face, shadowed beneath a shock of black hair, save for the white stripe above the left temple, stands out as serene amongst the nervous faces of the others.

Caption: A woman identified a man she had been watching on live television as the same man who had forced entry to her apartment and raped her.

3/ The mirror as seen over the heads of the lineup.

Caption: His alibi was sound.  He was on live television, amongst a group of peers, at the time of the attack.

Officer (digi): Thank you for your time, gentlemen.  You're free to go.

4/ The officers make an awkward attempt at consoling the woman.  In the background, through the window, Hunter Rose peers over his shoulder, waiting for the rest of the men to file out.  He is staring down the woman who he should not be able to see.

Caption: She had been watching the show.

Caption: She'd gotten confused.

5/ Close-up of the woman wiping a tear from her eyes, sniffling quietly.

6/ Grendel.  Perched on a rooftop, his forked staff hangs from his hand, glinting in the moonlight.

Caption: I looked into him anyway.

Grendel: Not in my city.

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  1. Another great example of effective captioning. I thought I knew where you were going with the case study, but your swerve in the final panel works really well. A nice combination of the strange sense of justice and violence that Grendel occasionally embodies.


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