Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just Imagine - Amethyst, Exile of Gemworld - P. A. Nolte

1/ A young woman looking cautiously over her shoulder as she walks down the street.  Behind her, not entirely visible, is a large man at an uncomfortable proximity and gaining.  It's no secret what happens to attractive blondes in bad parts of town at night, and it looks like it might happen again.

Amy (Cap): After the dreams stop, everything will go back to normal.

Amy (Cap): No more swords.  No more sorcery.  No more Gemworld.

2/ She ducks into a nearby alley.

Amy (Cap): At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

3/ The man follows, but is surprised to discover that the girl, Amy, has vanished.

Thug: Huh?

4/ Blocking the exit to the street is Amethyst.  She is no longer bundled up, but encased in a form-fitting stone armor.  Crystals jut out along her forearms and at her shoulders.  Her face is covered by a stone helmet, featureless save for the two gemstones where her eyes should be.  In her hand is a glowing sword hewn from the same unidentifiable mineral as the rest of her suit.  The image she projects is overwhelmingly powerful, and overwhelmingly purple.

Amethyst: You looked like the type.

Amy (Cap): But maybe it's time to admit--

Amy (Cap): I don't want to be normal again.

5/ She holds her sword up in front of her.  In the blade, we can see the true form of the thug, a hideous ogre, reflected back at him.

Amethyst: Let's dance.


  1. Pretty hep mixing of genres: the noir, fantasy, a touch of horror. I would never have thought of Amethyst, but your reimagining is well thought out, and I'm intrigued enough to want that next page. Surprising and very hep, P.A., well crafted...

    1. Thanks, man. Amethyst is yet another one of those oddball characters DC cranked out in the 70's and 80's that just resonates with me more than Green Lantern ever will. I'd have loved for her most recent book to run indefinitely. Thankfully, there are still some killer titles out there, like Zodiac Starforce, picking at those same threads.

  2. "Overwelmingly powerful, and overwhelmingly purple"

    I know it's just us and collaborators that see script, but that is both a hilarious and very clear description. And it's representative of the page in a sense, because you put a lot of care in here. This would work as a brilliant series opener, setting the tone really well - particularly with that ogre "reveal" at the end.


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