Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just Imagine - A Time to Reap - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1- Interior of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. Background, around and on top of the altar, numerous bodies covered in bloodied sheets. Foreground, two plainclothes detectives, HARVEY BULLOCK and JOHN JONES. BULLOCK is smoking his cigar inside the church, JONES is opening a file.

BULLOCK: Did I hear right?
JONES: Twenty-three bangers. Used to meet here 2 in the morning as a distribution point. All dead.
BULLOCK: Any suspects?

Panel 2- Over the detectives' shoulders, we see a surveillance photo from above. A big bruiser of a man, African-American with close-cropped hair, dressed all in black body armor, a hand-painted white question mark on his best front. He's carrying a large automatic machine gun with a belt feed.

JONES: 21st century, cameras everywhere. Victor Van Der Van. Ex-marine. Pregnant wife killed in a drive-by, no arrests.

Panel 3- Background, JONES still reading from the file, holding out a plastic evidence bag with a sheet of paper in it. Foreground, BULLOCK pulling back one of the sheets, ashing his cigar in the dead banger's face.

BULLOCK: He must've done that job last night on Lex. Same M.O.
JONES: Now he's leaving notes.

Panel 4- BULLOCK reading the note through the bag with an expression of distaste. JONES closes the file.

BULLOCK: "How do dirtbags get to Heaven? When they're hole-y." Wow, that's awful.
JONES: Media's already got hold of it. Some idiot on Facebook gave him a nickname and it stuck...

Panel 5- TV screen with Van Der Van's military photo, from a news broadcast. Banner across the bottom has local news logo, local weather, and reads: ST. PATRICK'S MASSACRE - Who is the Riddler?


  1. I'm sensing there's a Riddler/Punisher (Pun-isher, but punishing with bad puns instead of pushing bad puns, perhaps?) combination here, and I'm liking what I'm seeing.

  2. This is lovely. I love the build and payoff. Would definitely be interested in checking out that combo.


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